Septic System Inspections

We don’t just run a dye test, we show you your system, inside and out

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Septic System Inspection: Starting at $295.00
Stand Alone Dye Testing: Starting at $125.00

What to expect from your septic Inspection?

  • We find and open the septic treatment tank and inspect the inside for roots, cracks, and abnormal water levels

  • Scoping the inside of the main sewer line from the home

  • Scoping the drain field lines, if able

  • Dye testing and inspecting of the drain field for leakage (not necessarily a full hydraulic load test)

  • Determining if the system needs pumped by checking sludge levels

  • Permit Information, if available (Post 1970 tanks)

*Note: While we do not pump the system, we can coordinate a pump truck if desired for an additional charge

Your Septic Report

We don’t just inspect your system, we show you your system, inside and out.
With every full septic inspection, we provide a detailed report explaining any findings and deficiencies. We also provide valuable information such as:

  • Location of the tank

  • Size and condition of the tank

  • Condition and area of the drain fields

We provide full color photos and videos of the inside of the tank as well as any inspected lines to and from the tank so that you can see for yourself how your system works and how it’s doing.

Stand Alone Dye Tests

We understand that sometimes, you just need to inspect the septic system to meet a requirement for buying or selling a home, and don’t feel the need to spend extra money on a full system inspection. 

As such, we do perform what’s called a “septic dye test”, which simply involves running water from a toilet or tub area and flushing dye down the line and into the tank. 

This allows us to determine, after running enough water, if the treatment tank is leaking sewage onto the surface. If the water in the drain field has dye in it, it could be considered a public health hazard that needs to be addressed. This dye could take up to 3 days to appear on the surface, depending on the soil type.

While we provide just a dye test upon request, we do not recommend it, as a dye test cannot show us the condition of your tank overall, just if it is leaking. If the tank is clogged  or otherwise is not draining properly into your absorption field, it can also still pass a dye test. As such, we at Fortress Inspections highly recommend a full septic inspection.

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