Sewer Scoping

Inspecting your drain lines before they back up

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What is a Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line leading from the house to the city tap or septic tank. 

During the scope, we check the line for clogs, cracks, crushed sections, or other conditions that could lead to problems regarding your sewage system. A sewer scope is an inexpensive way to find or prevent a very expensive problem.

Performing Sewer scope inspection from roof

What is provided with my Sewer Scope?

– We identify any problems found in the line, namely cracks, clogs, roots, and large offsets from pipe connections, including a measured distance to the issue.

– We will identify the type of pipes that the camera travels through

– We provide distances to the city tap or septic treatment tank, if possible.

We also provide a full report and video of the line scoped with an audio commentary about the pipe and any issues found.

*Note: we are not plumbers and we do not fix or unclog the lines. If our camera gets stuck in the line due to a clog or other obstruction, we may not be able to travel all the way to the connection with the city sewer. 

We also do not pull toilets to access the line. If there are no cleanouts, we will attempt to use a vent stack on top of the home to enter the line. If this is not possible, we may not be able to perform the scope and would defer to a plumbing contractor.

What all can be inspected with a sewer scope?

Upon request, we can enter the sewer line from other structures such as garages or side buildings with cleanouts.

We can also enter downspouts and lawn drain lines to determine their condition and outlet points.

Air ducts can be entered upon request, however corrugated duct may not be possible to traverse.

Finally, we can enter septic system drain lines if done in conjunction with a septic system inspection.

Performing Sewer scope inspection from roof

Performing Sewer scope inspection from roof