Mold Testing and Inspections

Mold growth can be both unsightly and potentially hazardous to your health. It should never be ignored.

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Why test for mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that needs 4 things to grow: oxygen, food, proper temperature (60-90F), and moisture. Out of these ingredients, the main one we can and should be controlling is moisture. 

Mold spores are frankly unavoidable as they are naturally present in the air we breathe. However, the problem arises when they are propagating and become highly concentrated inside our homes, leading to potential property damage and health concerns.

Not all mold is toxic and not all signs of mold indicate a severe mold issue. Nevertheless it is important to mitigate the causes of mold and to remove any mold present through responsible remediation.

We are Trained and Certified to Inspect your Home and Business

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What is a Mold Inspection

A mold inspection checks your home or business for “microbial growth” (potential mold), and for conditions that may lead to such growth. As such, a mold inspector is less concerned about the mold that may already present than how the mold was able to grow in the first place.

During the course of a mold inspection, the inspector checks the following areas for potential moisture issues: 

  • Exterior and Landscaping areas
  • Structure, including basements, crawlspaces, roofs and attics
  • Interior areas including plumbing and HVAC systems

Not all systems are readily visible and may not be inspected fully, however infrared and moisture meters are used to help mitigate these difficulties.

To help determine if there is a mold issue present in the home, air tests are deployed both inside and outside of the home. From here, the inside mold levels are compared to the outside levels to determine if there is a mold issue in the home. Physical samples of apparent microbial growth are also obtained.

*Note: We do not provide mold remediation services.

What to do with your results

After receiving the results from your mold inspection, if there are high levels of mold inside the home compared to the outside, it may be recommended to speak to a mold remediator who can help mitigate the source of the moisture and remove the mold in a safe and effective way.

*A note: as a mold inspector, we are not qualified to give an opinion regarding the health risks of any levels of mold in the home. As such, if there are any medical concerns whatsoever, including if a certain level of mold spores in the home are problematic, it is highly recommended to speak with a medical professional.