Commercial Inspections

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Why choose us for your Commercial Inspection

At Fortress Inspections, we want to be able to give you the most bang for your buck, and help you better understand the condition of the property in question. Upon request, we can provide and report on all of the following services: 

  • Inspecting the general building condition, including the Roof, Structure, HVAC systems, Plumbing, and electrical systems.

  • Sewer Scoping the drain or gutter lines

  • Mold Testing and Inspections

  • Radon Testing

  • Water Quality Testing

  • ADA Accessibility check

  • Aerial Drone Photography

  • Infrared scanning

Photo Inspections

Sometimes, all that is wanted is a photo-inspection of the property. With us at Fortress Inspections, we provide high-quality photos and videos of our inspections, including video walkthroughs of the property, if possible.

We also provide aerial drone photography to give you a better view of your building and to better see its surroundings.

Finally, if desired we can provide infrared photography of the building and its various systems to determine if there are other issues such as moisture present behind building materials.

Here is what you can expect with your report
– Photo Inspection Example
– Main Inspection Example
– ADA Accessibility Check Example
– Radon Testing
– Mold Inspection Example

All reports are full color and may include commentary. Dropbox or Google Drive links for photos or other supplementary documents can be provided upon request as well.

If you have a specific report template that you would like us to use, please let us know.