Water Quality Testing

Public or Private, you should know what you’re drinking

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E-Coli Testing: Starting at $100.00
Well Water Standard Testing: Starting at $175.00
City Water Testing: Starting at $125.00
PFAS Water Test: $350.00
Lead/Copper Water Testing: Starting at $60.00

Why Test my Water?

As a homeowner, the health and safety of you and your family are of the utmost importance. Without testing your water, do you know if you or your family are drinking contaminates such as arsenic or lead, or if there are high levels of bacteria such as e-coli?

We at Fortress Inspections can provide you with an economical means of finding out what is in your water supply, be it a private well system or your city water. With this information, you can be more informed about what is flowing through your pipes and, if necessary, be able to take the necessary steps to treat and purify your water supply and keep you and your family healthy.

I get my water from the city, why should I test that?

While cities regulate their water, testing helps you know the fluoride levels, hardness, and if there are any contaminates leaking into your system between the city tap and your home. It also helps you know if your systems such as softeners or water purifiers are working as expected.

What Contaminates do we test?

While there are countless contaminates that can be tested for, below are some of the more common requested:

– E-Coli / Total Coliform: Indicates that the water supply is contaminated with bacteria in some capacity, could spread various diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery
– Arsenic: Natural element; can lead to skin, circulatory, or nervous system issues.
– Nitrates / Nitrites: Common from fertilizers; very hazardous for infants and can lead to blue-baby syndrome
– Lead: Usually from lead pipes; can damage nervous system and kidneys; very problematic for children and pregnant women.
– Water PH and Hardness: build-up of hard water can lead to damaged pipes, low water flow, and increase of soap scum due to its interaction with soap.
– Fluoride: Can be natural, but usually added to city water; helps with dental hygiene, however can damage teeth if too high or low of levels
– Volatile Organic Compounds: Usually found near industrial areas; includes solvents, cleaners, fuels, etc.
– PFAS: These are contaminants such as GoreTex, Teflon, Scotchgard, and other such flame retardants and non-stick products. Plants that make these kinds of products were common in the mid-ohio valley, with the C8 issue being well known.

For details about our test packages, click on them below:

E.coli Testing

Well Water Basic

– Sample Pro City Water Report: https://gosimplelab.com/example/U5TEAJ/overview
– Sample Basic Well Water Report Basic: https://gosimplelab.com/example/KMFL34/overview
– Sample Pro Well Water Report Pro: https://gosimplelab.com/example/TYBTHH/overview

Your Water Quality Report – Courtesy of SimpleLab™

Once we have sampled and shipped your test kit, within 5 business days we receive a report showing the levels of the various contaminants tested for as well as a detailed explanation about each of the contaminants and how they can affect your health and how you can treat them.

Test kits are purchased through SimpleLab™. All icons used for water quality were created by SimpleLab™. Fortress Inspections LLC did not create nor takes credit for the icons used.